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Hey!  Long time, no see!  I’ve missed you.

Why don’t you call me?  Seriously.  Call – next week.  We’re having an Open Mic call – the second of the year for the Calendar team over here in Support. We’ll be here on Tuesday, April 10 from 11 until the phones go dead and they make us stop talking.

See this link for a calendar entry to add to your own calendar – and see THIS link to post your questions in advance.

An Open is Mic is where we talk for a while and then you can ask questions until they make us stop talking.  I will be one of the grunts running the web chat/Q&A session during the call, not talking unless I’m forced too.  A couple of my colleagues will be presenting and fielding questions.  We’ll have dev around also and the whole US C&S team will be over in the web chat with me.

So, sharpen your pencils, think about the questions, post some in advance if you want to.  We’ll be here.  You should be too.


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I am a nerd girl. I currently work for IBM as part of the support group for Connections. While some of the postings here look like work stuff, the opinions and intellect and intellectual property are mine and mine alone. I am a unique individual and my employer in no way defines me. Still, I like the pay check, so thanks for that, IBM.
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