Speaking this Spring

The nice people over at THE VIEW have once again allowed me to be a speaker at their spring conference this year.  The conference is in a different location this year, but its an exciting one.

Check out the conference website called AdminDev2012 and see all of the great sessions that are coming to the Metro DC area from May 15 – 18.  I’m pretty excited to be doing 4 sessions, including 2 C&S based ones.  I’m also doing a version of Mat Newman‘s User Blast (with Mat’s blessing of course) and one session on how to evangelize what we do called “Setting your organization up for success: Evangelizing the Lotus  and IBM Collaboration Solutions product portfolio“.

They’re expanding the conference also by adding some business/project planning sessions and of course your favorite Social and Collaboration sessions.  These conferences are always high-quality and very technically dense.  If you’ve never been to one, I don’t know how you’ve survived.  Take that busdget money you’re holding on to and break it loose a little and take advantage of one of the best learning/dollar conferences you’ll ever find.  Come see me, Andy, Bruce, Gab and dozens of your other favorite speakers.  Pick our brains, learn some stuff, have some fun!


About Susan

I am a nerd girl. I currently work for IBM as part of the support group for Connections. While some of the postings here look like work stuff, the opinions and intellect and intellectual property are mine and mine alone. I am a unique individual and my employer in no way defines me. Still, I like the pay check, so thanks for that, IBM.
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2 Responses to Speaking this Spring

  1. manishoberoi says:

    Sounds very exciting. Will you be putting any of the presentations on the blog (audio or video)? It’s a shame the conference is in D.C, a little far to travel from AUS ;P

  2. Bob Scaggs says:

    A nerd girl you are! Caught a glimpse of your name in an article, followed a few links and here I am. Glad to see you are doing what you love! From the things I have read tonight you have set a great example and are truly a Notes Warrior! Miss working with you, hope you continue to do well!

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