The ‘next big thing’ for Notes Admins


This is a question, not a statement.  And before you wonder, No – I’m not looking for work and not worried.  I don’t know any inside information.  This subject came up in discussions with some other Notes Admin types recently.

Career counselors always urge us to keep our skills up to date.  In IT, this is especially true because technologies and trends (and fads) change quickly.  Those of us who work with Notes have seen our Developer-type colleagues study newer technologies as the app world has gone web-based and mobile.  They’ve learned XPages, DOJO, JSON, XML, Java™Script, ATOM and all manner of other things I don’t understand.  And they’re using these things and are more marketable for their efforts.  If their employers change technologies, or if someone wants to pay them more to do other kinds of work, these people are ready.

What about us admin types?  What do we learn?  What should we do?  It’s long been my opinion that if you run Domino on Windows, you should be a MSCE – both because its not that hard and because you may need to build a server from scratch at some point.  It’s a pretty handy skill.  Linux is a little more work, but still not too hard and not a bad skill to claim.

So, what’s next for us?  What do you think?  What should we (you) be learning to make yourself marketable in today’s work world?  What are you studying yourself?