Anybody want to talk about abstracts?


As you know, its the run up to Call for Abstracts for IBM Connect 2013.  And as you are staring at the calendar wondering when the call will go out, let me say that the answer is ‘soon’.  But why wait?  If you plan to submit, write the abstract.  Use 75 words to say what you want to talk about.  It may take several tries to get it to short enough. And that’s 75 words.

That paragraph above is it.  All you get to work with.  A few sentences.  Practice.

Gab Davis has already posted about it very well here.  Connect Abstracts – Start Your Engines Everyone   I just want to second what she says and add this: The field is truly level.  We recommend that new speakers hone their skills in the regional user groups, the LUGs and the Connections groups.  We expect those speakers to propose sessions.  Some of the track managers and advisors watched you speak – take the leap.  Veteran speakers, send your new stuff, update hits from the past if you want.

Speak about what you know.  There is no ‘theme’, but if you’re involved enough to want to speak at Connect 2013, you know the products, you know what you can add, and you know what you’re good at presenting.  But as a Track Manager, I need a favor – don’t make it easy for me to say no.  Be original.  Don’t send the same stuff you sent last year.  Don’t copy the popular sessions from years past with another product name inserted.  Don’t add the words ‘social’ and ‘exceptional’ randomly to try to attract attention.  I promise you it won’t be the attention you want.  As original as most of you are, I know you can do it.  Seriously, surprise us.

Now, start writing.