When will we be notified about sessions?

When are those notifications going out?  Heard anything about my session?  Hey, when will we be notified?  Hate to bother you, but – can I ask about my session?  I know you’re busy…

This is a sample of the skype chats popping up for me in the last couple of days.  The internal emails and Sametime chats are getting insane.

So what are we doing?  This is the time where the track managers get real.  We have trading sessions.  It goes something like this:

Other Track Manager (OTM):  Hey Susan, I’d like you to take this session in your track.
Me:  After reading the abstract.  Well, maybe – what do you have to offer?
OTM:  I don’t have anything to offer
Me:  How about giving me a slot for it from your allotment?
OTM:  I don’t have one
Me:  Do you have any good Scotch Whiskey?

We’re filling those last few slots – the ones we keep open for just this purpose, and Kristin is beating us – daily – to finish.  It’s getting hectic in here. This is hard.  The sessions are great.  Its heartbreaking to not be able to take more – it always is…….

No seriously – the notices will go out next week as promised – we are getting the beatings.  And I’m counting my scotch bottles and envelopes of 20 dollar bills from those OTMs. ; -)

Hang in there!


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I am a nerd girl. I currently work for IBM as part of the support group for Connections. While some of the postings here look like work stuff, the opinions and intellect and intellectual property are mine and mine alone. I am a unique individual and my employer in no way defines me. Still, I like the pay check, so thanks for that, IBM.
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2 Responses to When will we be notified about sessions?

  1. Ray Bilyk says:

    That’s awesome! I bet it’s like Radar from M*A*S*H doing deals with ‘Sparky’…

  2. Kristin Keene says:

    I’ll take some grape NEHI! And there is no BEATING going on, but lots of deal-making… 🙂

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