T Minus 7 days and counting

In 7 days, I will be embarking on an adventure.  I leave for a 1 month work assignment in Manila, The Philippines where I will be part of the second wave of trainers for our service center there.  This trip represents a lot of firsts for me.  This will be the longest I’ve been away from home.  The trip includes the longest flights I’ve ever been on (13 hours) and it will be my first experience working ‘the graveyard shift’ (we’re working American hours – so noon here on the east coast is midnight in Manila).  Big changes, big adventures and hopefully big fun.

Josh and Oscar from Austin have been there for 3 weeks already.  Joe, Gil and I start work on June 10 and Travis joins us later for a couple of weeks.  We’re planning to see the country on the weekends, something Josh and Oscar have been doing already, and I want to learn to speak a little Tagalog and sample the local food at every chance.  I will pass on the Balut, though.  (Google it – I won’t go into details).

Some of you have talked to the Manila team already, and our team, the Wave 2 crew is training some new team members but also doing deep dive training – like I am – in Notes C&S and other specialities.  We all volunteered to take this trip, and a lot of people wonder why.  My answer is:  I get SO many air miles!

But seriously, I take pride in my job and so do our new teammates in Manila.  The US C&S and Client teams have pulled together some great material for me to use in training.  Anything I can do to help my teammates do their jobs better and provide great customer service to IBM customers, I will do.  So for the next week, I will be tying up my PMRs, re-reading the training material and packing for serious summer weather.  I am downloading books, movies and music for the flights and getting my brain ready for that 13 hour flight next Friday.

I will be blogging my experiences right here, I’ll tweet if anything is interesting and will keep Mom updated via Facebook.  Watch this space!


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5 Responses to T Minus 7 days and counting

  1. Tom says:

    Safe travels and have a good time there…

  2. Oh wow! Who wouldn’t jump on such an opportunity! Great way of getting to know a different culture (both culturally as well as business wise!) and a beautiful part of the world at that too. Really hope you will enjoy yourself and make good use of the time you have to go sightseeing!

  3. Sounds like a great opportunity. Very happy for you. Exciting too. Travel safe and we’ll watch the space for updates and a few TwitPics too.

  4. Stephan H. Wissel says:

    Save travels. If you can look up the IBMers representing IBM Notes in the Philippines: Dennis Guilling and Celeste Ong. It is always good to network. Make sure you have enough time to listen to live music. There is an incredible amount of talent in the Philippines

  5. Wally says:

    Take the monkey for luck!!!

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