Report from Manila

I wish I knew how many days I’ve been in Manila.  I left home on Friday morning and it is Wednesday morning in Manila (Tuesday night back home) and I’ve worked 2 shifts.  The class has been great – with the usual hardware and software glitches – providing lots of opportunities for troubleshooting.  The students are happiest when they get things working, and we’re doing OK with planned and unplanned hands-on troubleshooting.  So far, Spanky has made a dozen or so new Facebook friends – far more than I have….

The food and lodgings are fantastic and since its already 81 degrees with 91% humidity outside at 8:00 AM, sleeping through the day looks like a pretty good option.  We’ve had one monsoon-worthy downpour each day and last night’s drive into work had the car throwing a wake worthy of surfing on. The weather forecast each day is for more of the same.

We’re planning a group tour of the Taal volcano (the smallest active volcano!) this weekend and a trip to the mountain city of Baguio the following weekend.  In between, we’ve planned forays to various local food places – and lots of sleep. 

The switch to night work has been interesting, and everybody is tired, but its a good tired.   Every single person I’ve encountered has been just plain nice.  I mentioned to someone that the Philippines seem to have invented ‘nice’.   

Its getting early, so its time to rest.  More from the other side of the planet soon.


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3 Responses to Report from Manila

  1. Terri Warren says:

    Great feed! Enjoy Manila and the exhilarating experience

  2. Mat Newman says:

    Funny, you’re on this side of the world, but still working the wrong hours to connect in the ‘right’ time-zone 😉

  3. Charlene says:

    Thinking of you and following your experience!

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