Who is joining me in Orlando for ConnectEd 2015?

This is normally a time of year when we start thinking about our annual Florida trip right?  We who work on the show actually got started early this year, and I’m already deep into the session selection process.

In a few days, you’ll be seeing the names of sessions that are already approved, so you will know (and trust) what the show is about.

Earlier this year, Kristin Keene gave an interview about what is the same and what has changed – the full interview is here:  What is changing and what is staying the same? 

Here is a summary:

  • The show is more technically focused than in recent years, so it is smaller
  • We will focus on existing customers and Partners
  • The show will be held in the Swan
  • The OGS and most familiar special features are there (Labs, Speedgeeking, Ask the Developers)
  • The Product Showcase – renamed the TechnOasis and with a new location – is nearly sold out already
  • The Best Practices track (with me as track manager), JumpStarts, Chalk Talks (think BOFs on steroids)
  • Your favorite IBM speakers as well as the best of the IBM Champions and Business Partners.

The best of the past will be there, and we plan to make the show something you’ll remember for years to come.  I don’t have access to the guest list, so tell me – are you going to be there?

Tell me why – or why not….I’m all ears.


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I am a nerd girl. While some of the postings here look like work stuff, the opinions and intellect and intellectual property are mine and mine alone. I am a unique individual and my employer in no way defines me.
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21 Responses to Who is joining me in Orlando for ConnectEd 2015?

  1. See you in Orlando, Susan.

  2. gacres99 says:

    I will be there. Really looking forward to it.

  3. I plan to be there, hopefully presenting, but if not then representing The RockTeam and our clients. Besides I usually have exec meetings at 6am or so, and where else can you find execs at 3am doing karaoke? Besides, when was the last time anyone spoke at the show from Israel?

  4. I will be there and personally can’t wait to see the changes for this new format. I think the last few years have felt a bit “odd” joining with Kenexa. The messages being delivered were too broad, attempting to resonate with too many groups of attendees which caused most of the message to be lost. I think that having better focus on ICS in 2015 will be a positive change.

    It’s also felt a bit empty the past few years with less attendees…so looking forward to everyone being in one location and hopefully full rooms. I am also very curiously hoping for some adoption sessions, it was stated by a few that there wouldn’t be any…but I know of some of the abstracts submitted and feel these would have their place, fitting right in with the technical sessions.

  5. I’ll be there… I cannot wait!!!

  6. Andres Giuffre says:

    I’d love to! but I’m too far away 😦

  7. I will be there and see forward to meet the yellow bleeds. I think the new format can give us a better platform to discuss and learn from each other.

  8. MarkyRoden says:

    I fully expect to be there, and I promise not to block out other gurus this time….

  9. Count on me. Couldn’t skip my 20th ‘Lotusphere’ 🙂
    Hoping and dreading my abstract gets accepted.

  10. See you and the Re-education Bat there. Looking forward to it and hoping one of my sessions gets accepted.

  11. TexasSwede says:

    I hope to be there. As every year, it is a struggle to get the trip approved (2 years ago I had to foot the bill myself), but I am always positive.
    I even submitted an abstract for a session.

  12. Already registered and booked flight and hotel… Looking forward for the “new format”…

  13. I’ll be there and so will several of my customers. Looking forward to it

  14. I will certainly be there and I will try to behave. I consider it the single most important event to attend, both from a technical information perspective and from a networking perspective. While much of the information can be found elsewhere, like online, it is much easier to find and it’s easier to have an iterative conversation in person at the conference. Even more important is the opportunity to meet people and open new paths of communication or reinforce existing ones. When it comes to building relationships, professional or otherwise, nothing beats face-to-face communications. I also hope to get a chance to present a session. I have presented plenty of times at other events, but this is the Carnegie Hall of our industry. But most important is that Lisa Duke and the rest of our team return for a chance to clean up at the trivia challenge again!

  15. eemnee says:

    I will be there, looking forward to it. Customer, no session abstract submitted, so no additional work for you 😉

  16. I will be there and at least 2 of my customers (I guess morebut these 2 are confirmed)

  17. Barb Skedel says:

    I plan on being there!

  18. Very sad to say SpamSentinel – MayFlower Software will not attend the conference this year. the low attendance and lack of attendees or Domino content has caused us to decline. I wish all the best to those that attend. We can still be found via http://www.maysoft.com and we are doing some cool things with the sidebar to improve the Notes experience and keep customers on Notes.

  19. I will probably not be in Orlando this year, not related to the changes.

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