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T Minus 7 days and counting

In 7 days, I will be embarking on an adventure.  I leave for a 1 month work assignment in Manila, The Philippines where I will be part of the second wave of trainers for our service center there.  This trip … Continue reading

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Open Mic Time with the Calendar Team

What are you doing next Wednesday? That’s May 15. At 11:00 AM EDT? Why don’t you join the Notes C&S team for an Open Mic call? It’s hosted by Andrea Mitchell and Todd Bailey who will talk about tips and … Continue reading

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Send the Elevator Back Down

In 2004, Ed Brill took a chance on me.  He approved my friend Kathleen McGivney and me to speak at Lotusphere 2005, doing a Domino Administration Jumpstart.  Kathleen and I both did presentations as part of our Field Support Engineer … Continue reading

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Why you will become ‘social’ in business

I sometimes hear my friends talking about ‘social’ in almost a sneer when it comes to their business.  For every company that is panicking about not getting into the ‘social thing’, there seem to be more who are of the … Continue reading

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When will we be notified about sessions?

When are those notifications going out?  Heard anything about my session?  Hey, when will we be notified?  Hate to bother you, but – can I ask about my session?  I know you’re busy… This is a sample of the skype … Continue reading

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Thoughts on changing a conference name.

  I thought I’d take advantage of the time between the unofficial blog/twitter discussions about the change of name from Lotusphere 2013 to IBM Connect 2013 and the official reports that will surely come out early this week As many of you … Continue reading

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Speaking this Spring

The nice people over at THE VIEW have once again allowed me to be a speaker at their spring conference this year.  The conference is in a different location this year, but its an exciting one. Check out the conference … Continue reading

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